Book Discussion: Library or nah?

I have been going to my local library for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a library card, and I’m constantly checking out books from the library. But I know that there are people who would rather own the books that they read, collect them and display them in their home on a personal bookshelf.

So which is better? Free books or owning your own personal library?

Personally, it’s a toss up for me. There are aspects of the library that I love and there are aspects of buying books that I love.

First of all, free books. Who could go wrong with being able to check out a wide variety of books for free? You basically get to take home as many books you want…for free. And the only catch really is that you return them within the specified time. I have taken out books throughout the years that I’m so glad I didn’t decide to buy. I’d get maybe fifty pages into a book and realize that I couldn’t get into the story or that I didn’t like the characters or writing style.

Me when I go to the bookstore

At the same time, I find that if I really love a book, I would want to buy it for my collection. That way, I could read it again whenever I want or just flip back to certain scenes that I particularly loved. I wouldn’t have to worry about going through the hassle of checking the book out again, and have to risk being on the waiting list. I can just go to my shelf and pick it up.

I buy my fair share of books, and I have more bookshelves in my bedroom than I probably need. I love collecting books and seeing them on my bookshelf brings me so much joy. Honestly, I’d buy all the books that I want to read if I had the money for them.

I’m still on the fence about which I like better. Both have their perks. I honestly switch back and forth between buying books and checking them out from the library. If I know the library has the book I want to read, I’d check it out first to save money. If I love it that much, I’ll buy my own copy.

Which do you like more? Going to the library or buying your own books? Are there any other advantages or disadvantages of using the library vs buying books that you know of? Let me know!

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