Reader and freelance editor based in Sussex, NJ.

Hi there, I’m Alexis. I am a lover of books and everything words related. I currently live in New Jersey, where I am building my career as a freelance editor. In my free time, I love to read, mainly Young Adult – fantasy, contemporary, anything that is popular at the moment. I’m hoping to cultivate a place where I can not only gush about books, but also help writers bring their words to life.


I provide editorial services to independent authors as of right now, but I am willing to work with a wide range of people, be it publishers, editorial agencies or businesses. Curious? Let’s collaborate!


Mostly, I post whatever is on my mind, but since I read so much, I like to keep track of my thoughts I have about the books that I read. I write reviews, wrap-ups, and tags sometimes. I also will be writing life updates, just so I can use this as a space where I can vent if I need to.

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