Freelance Editing Service

Work with me:

I am a freelance editor, a reader, and a lover of all things words related. I help people tell their stories and bring those stories to their readers.

Not sure what type of editing you’re looking for? Contact me to see if I’m the right fit for your project. I offer free sample edits to evaluate the level of editing needed before creating an estimate. Let’s talk about how I can help you reach your goals.


I help you fine-tune your manuscript for consistency during the final stages of the submission process. I check for typographical errors; proper word usage; basic grammar; consistency within format, capitalization, and punctuation; typos and misspellings; overall appearance, typeface, and fonts.


I provide line-by-line edits to ensure correct and consistent spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenations, and similar elements in a manuscript. I improve accuracy and check for properly cited quotations, correct style of in-text citations, bibliographies, reference lists, and footnotes or end notes. I also flag wordy or awkward language that may need some kind of revision.

Content Editing

I make suggestions to reword the sentence or reorganize content, focusing on overall flow, style, tone, plot, theme, character development, pacing, point of view, dialogue, readability, and other storytelling techniques. I provide detailed suggestions for revision while keeping the reader in mind, addressing narrative inconsistencies, gaps, and weaknesses.

My Rates

Since I am just starting out, I am willing to offer my services for a discounted rate of $0.05 per word, or depending on the size of the project, $15 an hour.

My rates are based off the guidelines from the Editorial Freelance Association’s website: