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Hello, book lovers! 💕

I think I’ve mentioned multiple times on here that I’ve become a really slow reader, at least when it comes to physical books. But it’s something I noticed the other day and felt like I should discuss on here.

I might have done a similar post in the past, so I’m going to mix it up and discuss the pros and cons of being a slow reader. And how I’ve come to accept it.

So without any further ado, let’s get onto the discussion!

I’m going to start off by saying that I haven’t always been a slow reader. It’s only recently that my reading has slowed down. I think the main reason for that is because I have so many different hobbies now, and I’m also busy with other things in life that I don’t always have time to sit down and just read.

I’ve been really into video games on my Nintendo switch lately, which I wouldn’t be able to read and play unless I listen to an audiobook. The same goes for my drawing. I can’t read a physical book and draw on my iPad at the same time, again unless I listen to an audiobook. (That’s a discussion for another post).

So when I sit down to read an actual book, I get distracted by other things that I also want to do. But I’m learning to overcome that and just let myself read when I’m in the mood to read, even if it’s for a short amount of time.

That brings me to how fast I read. Because I don’t read in large bursts as much anymore, it takes me a lot longer to get through a book. I may read 20-30 pages in a sitting each day. And that’s not a bad thing.

Pros of being a slow reader:

The main thing about being a slower reader is the fact that I am able to spend more time with the characters that I’m reading about. In doing that, I’m able to develop a deeper connection and understanding with the main character that I might not have gotten if I sped through the book as quickly as possible just to say I finished a book.

I’m also able to pick up some smaller details that I otherwise would have missed throughout the story. If I speed through a book, a lot of the small details get breezed over, so by taking my time with a book, I’m able to catch those details which add to the reading experience.

That’s especially helpful when I’m reading a high fantasy book where there’s a lot of world-building and character development happening.

Cons of being a slow reader:

The only thing that I can think of in terms of being a con of reading slower is not getting through as many books a month or in a year. As someone who follows other readers on Goodreads or YouTube, it’s hard not to compare my own reading to theirs. When I see them reading 10+ books a month, I’m discouraged about my measly 3-4 books a month.

Like I said, I’m working accepting on that not only am I not able to get through that many books in a month, but I also don’t have to read that many books in a month. Reading is reading, regardless of how many books you’re able to get through. So what if it takes me two weeks to get through a single novel? At least I’m reading.

So there you have it. I know this post kind of seemed all over the place (at least it did for me). But I kind of just wanted to have a discussion of how my reading has changed and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Are you a slower reader? Or do you speed through multiple books a month? How do you relate to this post? I’d love to discuss it in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “The Way I Read | Book Discussion

  1. I have never related to a post more than this!!! A fellow slow reader here 🙋🏽‍♀️. I SO, SO, SO relate to this. As a slow reader, I read only 3 to 4 books per month. I used to be concerned about this number as well, after I’d see so many readers read 15 to 16 books a month. In fact, before I started this blog, I had a lot of thought about this. It literally took me almost half a year to get in terms that it’s okay for me being a slow reader to blog.

    I don’t burst read a lot either. There are few lucky days though, where I can continuously read a book for hours but still my page count would be low 😅. I totally agree with your pros and cons! I love spending time with character and the book.

    In the end, Reading is a hobby and so it’s more important to enjoy a book than get worried about the number of books read 🤔.

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    1. I’m so glad you were able to relate to this post! You’re right that reading is a hobby, and that you should enjoy the book you’re reading instead of being worried about the number of books you read. That’s what really matters ☺️

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  2. I feel like i’m a slow reader too. Lately i’ve been able to read more books but that’s because i’m dedicating more time to just reading which i see it’s taking the time from other things i did before. I love reading though so i regret nothing, but i absolutely understand your point of view.

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    1. I agree. I think it definitely helps to dedicate time for reading when you’re trying to read more. Knowing your schedule and making time for it is important, especially when it’s something that you enjoy doing. 🥰


  3. I used to be such a quick reader but I find that I’ve really slowed down in the past couple of years. I think that’s wanting to savour books more and enjoy them more thoroughly. I love focusing on the words and thinking about the book/story/characters in depth. Great post! x

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