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The following is from Goodreads:

A fever dream of desires fulfilled.

Nestled in the shadow of the Appalachians is where Gwen Ashby stumbles upon the William Marshall Academy, and she’s given a trial position as a literature teacher. The gothic boarding school seems trapped in time yet it feels like home the moment Gwen arrives.

She’s charmed by the lovely buildings, bewitched by the eager students…and utterly seduced by the headmaster. Edwin Yorke is noble, handsome and infuriatingly proper. But his tweedy exterior and courtly manners conceal a raw sensual power that Gwen longs to unleash.

It’s strangely thrilling to be the only woman on campus—save one other. An eerie white-clad figure roams the grounds by night. She never speaks. She leaves no trace. But this ghostly blight on Gwen’s new dream life is the key to the Marshall Academy’s mysterious allure.

My Thoughts:

So I didn’t know anything about this book when I picked it up. I saw it on Riley Marie’s Fall Recommendations video and thought it sounded kind of interesting. And when I saw that it was only 130 pages, I figured I’d be able to fly through it. I thought it’d be worth a try, especially because it’s something that I don’t normally read. Based on how Riley described it, it’s an academia gothic story. Mixed in there was a mysterious ghost story.

When I initially started the book, I found it kind of interesting following Gwen in her pursuit of finding out about the William Marshall Academy. But it quickly turned into a steamy erotic novel. Maybe it was because of how short the book was, but everything between Gwen and the headmaster happened at an unrealistic pace. I found myself cringing when Gwen had some internal monologue and fantasies about the headmaster at only 30 pages into the book.

I knew that there was going to be a romance between the main character and the headmaster; that much is pretty clear in the synopsis. But the fact that it was the majority of the book was kind of off-putting for me. I usually don’t mind sex scenes in books, especially if the book is a romance. But it has to be tastefully done. And I don’t feel like it was done that way in this book since it was 90% of the book.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like this book. And that’s not necessarily the case. I liked it for the most part. I was more interested in the mystery aspect of the book, especially the ghostly woman who roamed the campus. I wanted to know more about her, which I did end up finding out at the end of the book.

The ending is probably what saved this book for me. I was really planning on giving it a 2-star rating, which I’ve never given a book before. But the ending (I won’t say what happens in case you want to read it for yourself) made me bump my rating to a 3-star. It was unexpected, though it kind of made everything else that happened in the story make sense.

But there you have it. Those are my thoughts on The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz. It wasn’t what I expected, and overall, I thought it was okay. If you don’t mind an overabundance of steamy scenes, then I’d suggest picking it up for yourself.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts on the book? I’d love to discuss them in the comments below!

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