Book Recommendations Based on Animal Crossing Villagers

Hello, book lovers! ๐Ÿ’•

I got this idea from Perpetual Pages on YouTube where they did a video on Islander Book Recs, but they recommended manga series based on their villagers and their personalities. Since I don’t read a lot of manga series, I just chose different books that I thought would fit my villagers on my island based on their personalities.

Portia: Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore

She is a “snooty” personality type, and I thought she might be interested in historical romance. She seems the type that would get caught up in all the Victorian drama and politics that are known to happen in those types of books. And those kinds of things definitely happen in this book. There’s also a lot of empowering women throughout the book as well, and I think she would be all for that.

Sherb: Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

He’s a “lazy” personality type, so I thought he’d be interested in a book that not too short. He probably wouldn’t want anything too long since he’s always falling asleep and talking about making snack runs. Just like this book, he’s a gem and I love him so much. He’s so pure and sweet that I seriously can’t get enough of him.

June: Simon vs the Homo Sapien’s Agenda by Becky Albertalli

She calls me rainbow, and it melts my heart each time I talk to her. She’s so sweet and honestly one of my favorite villages on my island. She’s always so bright and cheery. I think she would love this book, and not only because she calls me rainbow. She seems so excepting of everyone, and I think she would die for this book the way I did when I read it.

Lopez: Any of T.S. Eliot’s poetry

I don’t think he’d be interested in novels per se, but more interested in poetry. Especially classic poetry. Almost every time I talk to him or he’s in the middle of a conversation with another villager, he talks about writing poetry. I’d think he’d be inspired by T.S. Eliot or any other classic poet, to be honest. He’s a “smug” personality type, and when I first got him on my island, I didn’t know how I felt about him. But he’s grown on me since then, especially since he talks about poetry a lot and sends his poems to the other villagers.

Fauna: Any book by Kasie West

She’s a breath of fresh air, and I can see her reading cute YA contemporary books. She has that type of personality that is just so warm and welcoming. She’s relatively new to my island, and I think she is absolutely adorable. So it’d only be fitting that she’d read books that are cute and adorable like she is.

Static: Vicious by V.E. Schwab

He’s my grumpy villager on my island, and I can see him reading something that blurs the lines between good and evil like this book does. I say that because he comes across as mean and possibly rude since he always looks like he’s in a bad mood; he dresses like he’d be this gothic, grungy type since he’s always wearing black and his house is decorated with the dark walls and furniture. But he’s actually really sweet when you talk to him, and he gets along really well with the other villagers.

Marina: Any John Green book (i.e. Turtles All the Way Down or Looking for Alaska)

She is cute and fun, like my other normal type villagers (June and Fauna), but I can see her reading YA contemporaries that have some depth to them, ones that aren’t all cute and bubbly all the time. That’s why I can see her reading a John Green book, specifically Turtles All the Way Down or Looking for Alaska. They’re fun, sure, but they’re also kind of dark in the sense that they have serious topics sprinkled in them.

Bam: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

I can see Bam looking to go on some grand adventure, which is what Luffy does in this manga series. Being a “jock” type, I think Bam would like to imagine himself fighting all these bad guys, especially if he could get a full-body workout from it.

Anabelle: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Anabelle is one of the original villagers I got, and she’s a “peppy” personality type. I think she would really enjoy this book mainly because of the playlists that are strewn about the book. I think she’d enjoy being able to discover new music. She’s an inspiring pop star after all.

Rocket: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Okay, so I did this one a little differently. The book isn’t necessarily based on Rocket’s personality but how I feel about her on my island. I liked her in the beginning when I first started playing considering she was one of the first villagers I got, or well, was on my island initially. As I continue playing, I realize how much I don’t really like her. Kind of how I am with Twilight; I liked it when I first read it 10 years ago, but I’ve grown up and realize that there are so many better books that I love even more. That’s how I feel about Rocket. I really want her to move, so I can get someone new.

So there you have it. Those are my book recommendations based on the villagers I have on my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This was a lot of fun to do, and I’d take any excuse to write about Animal Crossing. If you’re a big Animal Crossing fan, I’d encourage you to try this out! And definitely go watch Perpetual Pages‘ video on YouTube with their recommendations.

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3 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Based on Animal Crossing Villagers

  1. Omg I absolutely love this post idea and I think I’m going to hop on board and do one for my villagers too! LOL about your feels for Rocket (who I had no idea was a she!) because I’ve been feeling the same way about one of my villagers lately and I get irritated every time I see her ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also have Bam on my island and even though I haven’t read One Piece that sounds perfect for him! Great post ๐Ÿ˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should! It was a log of fun thinking about different types of books each villager would like. ๐Ÿ˜ŠAnd yes thatโ€™s how I feel about Rocket! Iโ€™ve resorted to ignoring her when I see her. I want her to move already, but some of my other villagers have been asking to move. ๐Ÿ˜ญ


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