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Hello, book lovers! 💕

I saw a post on Ella’s Book Corner about when she DNF’s a book. She mentioned that the topic is from Tell Me Something Tuesday created by Heidi from Rainy Day Ramblings, a weekly discussion post dedicated to discussing all things bookish.

Even though it’s from months ago, I figured I’d still participate and discuss the topic since it’s one that I’m interested in.

DNFing a book means “do not finish.” It usually happens when someone isn’t enjoying a book and decides not to read it anymore for whatever reason. It could be the writing style, the main character’s personality, or something that happens in the plot. Any array of things could cause someone to stop reading a book.

And it’s not something that I do often. I don’t really know why, but I don’t find myself putting a book down because I don’t like it. I think the only time that I do that is if I borrow a book from the library. I feel like there’s less pressure to finish a book if I check it out of the library. I can return it if I don’t like it and not feel too much guilt.

But if you’re not enjoying a book, you shouldn’t force yourself to finish it. Why waste your time reading a book that you already know you’re not enjoying? There are so many books in the world that you could be enjoying. Life’s too short to read books you aren’t liking.

So when is it okay to DNF a book? Is it after the first chapter? 100 pages in? Halfway through? A lot of people have varying opinions on it, but I personally try to give a book a chance by at least reading 50 pages, or even halfway through. If I’m not enjoying a book by then, I know I’ve given it a chance and can put it down, whether it’s just for now or for good.

I know I’m going to DNF a book when I have no interest of picking it up. This hasn’t been the case for me in a while, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve DNFed a book. Mostly, I try to finish all the books I start. If I don’t like one, then I don’t force myself to finish it. But I do give it a chance for as long as I can.

So do you DNF books? If so, when is the best time to DNF a book? I’d love to discuss this in the comments below!

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