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Hello, book lovers! 💕

It’s kind of cliche to say that I read a book based on its cover, but it is something that I guiltily do. There’s a good chance that if the cover draws me in, I’ll read at least the summary on the book jacket. And if I like what I read in the summary, then I’ll consider picking it up.

What deciding on what book to read looks like in my brain

Most of the time, once I get passed the cover of the book, I’ll check Goodreads to see what other people are saying about the book. Not that I always have that determine if I pick up a book, but there’s a higher chance that I’ll want to read it more. If the people I trust on Goodreads really enjoyed a book, I know there’s a possibility that I’ll like it too. And vice versa. If they don’t like a book, I would be less inclined to read it.

But I might still pick up a book if it really interests me. If it has most of the keywords I look for in a book, then there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll pick it up.

What are some reasons you pick up a book? Are they the same as mine? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Why I Pick Up a Book | Book Discussion

  1. I tend to choose books based on the cover + plot summary. The cover initially catches my eye, then I read the blurb to see if it’s something I’m interested in. However, I can also just pick up a book based on reputation (e.g. if it’s an author / publisher I’m already fairly familiar with).

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