February 2020 Wrap Up

Hello, book lovers! 💕

For February being such a short month, I managed to get a decent amount of reading done. Though that extra day tacked on at the end didn’t necessarily help by the way. I probably would have gotten the same amount read as any other month. That is, I read a total of five books, but one of those was a graphic novel. A very short graphic novel. So technically four.

The first book I read this month was actually one that I started in January, but finished in February. Call it What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer was one that I picked up on a whim one day when I was at the library. And it was exactly what I was looking for at the time. A deep contemporary that literally hit me in all the feels.

I wrote a review for it, so I won’t go too much into my thoughts here, but know that it is definitely one that I would recommend if you like YA contemporary fiction that will be hard hitting.

After that was the Tome Topple readathon, so the next couple books that I read were over 500 pages long, and they are probably the reason I didn’t get through many books this month. Though, I listened to both of them on audiobook, so I was able to get through them pretty quickly.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi was the first one that I was able to finish for that readathon, and unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I think it had something to do with the fact that I listened to it on audiobook, and I couldn’t get as invested as I wanted to be. Again, I did a whole review on this book and my unpopular opinion.

The same thing happened with The Devil’s Thief by Lisa Maxwell. It is literally a 700 page tome, and there was a lot of story to follow along. I listened to it on audiobook, and got lost throughout. I don’t plan on reviewing this book since it is a sequel, but I did really enjoy it regardless of the fact that I couldn’t quite follow along. The first book, The Last Magician is definitely worth checking out. The series includes a lot of traveling through time and magic, which is what initially drew me into the story.

In between the tomes I was reading, I decided to pick up something shorter. I had requested The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill from the library a few months back, and it had finally came in this month. So I picked it up and read it in one sitting. Granted it was only 75 pages, but it was so adorable and whimsy. It was just what I needed in between the fantasy books I was reading. I’ll definitely be picking up the next book in the series because I want to continue on in the cuteness.

The last book that I read this month was Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed. I preordered this a few months ago, and it came out in the beginning of this month. So of course I had to read it this month. And as I’m writing this post, I’m still reading it. Then again, there are still two days left in the month. I know that I’d be able to finish before the end of the month being that I’m already over halfway through it. And let me tell you, I love it. I absolutely love it. Though, I’d read anything by Becky Albertalli. But that’s beside the point. I love how diverse the characters are, and there are references to pop culture, which I am living for. Like Nintendo and Mario Bros.

So those are the books that I read this month. There weren’t many of them, though this is probably the average I’m able to get through in a month, regardless of the month being shorter. But I really enjoyed most of them.

What did you guys read this month? Did you read any of these books? If so, what’d you think of them? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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I am a twenty-something-year-old who is an avid reader. I love anything from young adult fantasy to adult fiction to young adult contemporary. I also love to play video games and draw and watch movies and TV shows. And this is my safe space where I can gush about everything I love.

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