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Hello, book lovers! 💕

I’ve been reading quite a few larger books lately, since I’m participating in the Tome Topple Readathon, and one of the rules is to read books over 500 pages. Which are books that I tend to not get around to because of the shear size of them. It got me thinking.

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to long and short books. By no means am I picking sides; I like them each equally for different reasons. But I thought it would be fun to discuss those pros and cons.

To start off, what I’ve noticed with the longer books that I’ve been reading, I’ve been getting more time to spend with the characters and in the world. There’s more time for the author to develop the world, the setting, the conflict, everything. That’s something that might not be in shorter books. With shorter books, readers might want more time with the characters, especially if they become attached to them.

However, longer books take more time to get through. That’s something I’ve definitely noticed during this readathon. I’ve only been able to get through one full book, and I’m almost half the way through another one. Each one well over 500 pages. It took me close to a week to get through the first one, but only because I listened to it on audiobook. Even the one I’m in the middle of, I’m listening to it on audiobook. I tend to get through bigger books in less time when I listen to them rather than read the physical book. Shorter books can be read quicker, or at least, I tend to be able to get through them in less time.

Longer books, in most cases, seem to be fantasy or sci-fi. And they are also almost always part of a series. Take Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series or Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. Each book is well over 400-500 pages, and have more than 3 books in the series. So it would take a lot of commitment to get through them. Whereas shorter books tend to be standalone, and they, in most cases, are contemporary or romance or realistic fiction. I could get through more short books in a shorter amount of time. While it could be argued that that’s not always a good thing, it is satisfying to close a book after a day or two.

Personally, I tend to gravitate towards shorter books, though I do enjoy a big book every so often. Either way, which ever type of book you like to read, books are books. We read to live in the stories that the authors have written. And that’s all that matters.

So there you have it. Those are a few comparisons between long books and short books. Did I forget anything? I’d love to discuss this in the comments below.

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